Molecular Diagnostics and Services

Molzym offers a variety of products for the culture-independant and rapid molecular analysis of the microbial etiologies of diseases, including, among others sepsis, infectious endocarditis, septic arthritis, and meningitis. The analytical services in our portfolio address clinical diagnosis, contract clinical studies, quality control measurements in pharma production, contract research projects and development of assays.

Tools and Services for Microbe Detection & Identification



Products - Molecular Diagnostics

SepsiTest™ and UMD-Universal for IVD

Highly sensitive and rapid identification of bacteria and fungi in whole blood, CSF, BAL, tissues, biopsies, swabs, aspirates

Enrichment and isolation of mycobacterial DNA from whole blood for sensitive molecular testing of mycobacteraemia



  • New: SelectNA™plus - Automated One Step Pathogen Enrichment and DNA Extraction from Tissue, Blood and Other Body Fluids
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  • MTB-DNA Blood: New Kit for Targeted Isolation of Mycobacterial DNA from up to 10 ml Blood
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  • Workshop: Professional Training for Precise Pathogen Identification
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Automated Molecular Diagnosis


Unique fully automated pathogen enrichment and DNA extraction from whole blood and other primary body fluids, tissues and swabs combined with broad-range species identification for daily clinical practice




Partially automated pathogen DNA isolation and PCR/Real-Time PCR analysis of pathogens from whole blood and other primary body fluids, tissues and swabs


Lab Diagnostics

Clinical Service

Molecular analysis of pathogenic microorganisms in clinical samples




Contract Research


Infectious disease testing, toxicology/NHP, design and execution of clinical studies, contamination control